2019 Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn sales can generate enough income to financially support your Scouting program for the entire year! Money from popcorn can be used to cover the cost of camporees, pinewood derby races, field trips, equipment, badges and advancement, and summer camp.

Scout benefits include:

  • Easy to sell product
  • A turn-key program; no upfront cost
  • No leftover product; order what your Scouts sold
  • Sales support local Scouting
  • Supports event costs, camping programs, equipment
  • A built-in prize program
  • Great bonus prizes – free camp, Amazon gift cards, and more
  • Helps teach Scouts the responsibility and value of earning own way, goal, setting, budgeting, handling rejection, perseverance, skills, gaining confidence, and salesmanship
  • Customizable online profile for online sales
Sales Goals

Based on past experience, the pack has set a goal of $500 in sales for each Scout between all aspects of the popcorn sale. Take orders directly count towards the Scouts goals and "Show and Sell" events are credited evenly among all Scouts present based on how many hours each scout participates.  In addition to the monetary goal, our pack has a secondary goal of 100% participation to help each Scout feel like  they are part of the pack.  Our pack sales goal is $25,000.

How We Sell  
"Take Orders"
This is the most common method and follows a traditional door to door approach.  It's hard to say no to a Cub Scout in uniform and the average hourly sales in our area are approximately $100.00.
  • The Scout goes door to door with a trusted adult.  Take Order forms will be provided during the Popcorn Kickoff.
  • The customer writes his/her order on the Take Order Form and the Scout collects cash or check (payable to: Pack 858).
  • The Scout submits the orders to the Popcorn Kernel by October 21 and delivers the popcorn to the Customer after November 10.

"Show and Sell"
These events have provided the pack with great sales in the past.  We post scouts in front of local stores to sell popcorn.  High volume in a short amount of time leads to big sales!  Sales are divided between participants based on how much each scout participates. 
  • The Pack sets up a storefront table in town outside local merchants who have graciously offered to host us onsite.
  • Scouts (and supervising Parents / Leaders) operate the storefront table in shifts of two hours each.
  • Popcorn is delivered immediately and the Scout collects cash, check (payable to: Pack 858), or parents can use our credit/debit card readers.
  • Plenty of product will be available on-hand for immediate purchase.

Selling Online
Scouts can dramatically increase their sales potential if they're not confined to a small geographic area.  Friends and relatives from all over the world can visit the storefront on our website and place an order using the Scout's Seller ID to guarantee sales credit.  
  • The Scout and Parents can register for an online seller account using the https://www.  website.  In most cases, accounts have already been setup for each scout.
  • The Scout asks Mom and Dad for help reaching out to potential customers through email, social media, and right from our website (old fashioned phone calls work, too).
  • As part of the outreach, the Scout communicates his Seller ID, our website address (online storefront is on our Home page), and any other critical information to potential or existing customers.
  • The customer places an order online using any major credit card.
  • The Product is shipped directly from Trails End to the customer, and the Scout (and our Pack) receives credit for the sale.

Selling at Work
Scouts can outsource to Mom and Dad in a way that's pretty low maintenance for everyone!  Even just setting out the order form and product list can grab the attention of office mates.  We've seen some Scouts double their sales this way, and that pays for a lot of Scouting!
  • Mom/Dad take an order form to the office.
  • Fellow co-workers write their order on the order form.
  • Mom/Dad collect payment (checks payable to: Pack 858), then turn in the order form.

Sign Up for Show and Sells

.  Invitations will be emailed in advance of the scheduled Show and Sell.  Sign-up here.

Prizes and Rewards
There are a multitude of prizes and rewards available through the St. Louis area council.   Please see the flyer below for additional information.


Important Dates

Take Orders Due
Popcorn Pickup
Money Due

Templates and Tools

Tips for Success

- Sell Scouts, not popcorn
(Most folks are willing to support the boys, the popcorn is just a "thank you")

Scouts should be in full "Class A" Uniforms with Blue shirt and Blue Dress Shorts
(A well dressed cub scout is hard to refuse)

- If at all possible, collect money at the time of the order
(This will make delivery much easier)

- Check and double check your order forms
(Kids try but then the adults have to try to read the forms)

- Coordinate a "buddy system"
(Walking with another scout in addition to a parent is always more fun for the boys)