The Pack Committee

The Pack Committee is organized by the Pack Committee Chairperson and is responsible for:

  • Finding a meeting place
  • Setting the Pack policies in accordance with Boy Scouting and the chartered organization
  • Coordinating the Pack program with that of the charter organization
  • Assisting with the annual Pack charter renewal
  • Carrying out the policies and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Providing encouragement to leaders in carrying out the Pack program
  • Providing the finances and fundraising coordination for the Pack
  • Maintaining pack property
  • Recruiting and training quality adult leadership in conjunction with the charter organization
  • Coordinating between the Pack and other scouting units

Contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.

 Position Lead Email
 Cubmaster Jason
 Committee Chair Aaron
 Chartered Organization Representative Rick Reeves
 Camping Coordinator Kelsey
 New Scout Family Support Kelsey Breckle and Beth
 Popcorn Kernel Joanna Dexter
 Secretary Beth Whitaker
 Quartermaster Keith Thomas
 Treasurer Kasey King
 Webmaster Kasey King
 Hiking Chair Heather
 Pinewood and Brickyard Derby Nick Pratt 
 Scout Family Bowling Gail Contreras 
 Blue and Gold Banquet  Gail Contreras, Lillian Titus, Beth Whitaker 
 Kindergarten Den #6 Leader (Lions)
 1st Grade Den #4 Leader Jane Rich (Tigers)
 2nd Grade Den #5 Leader Robert Contreras (Wolves)
 3rd Grade Den #3 Leader Michelle Dunajcik (Bears)
 4th Grade Den #2 Leader Jason Labhart (Webelos)
 5th Grade Den #1 Leader Nick Pratt (Webelos AOL)

 We have positions to fill! Please reach out to us if you are willing to help! 

Committee Meeting Minutes

Below you will find links to the current year of committee meeting minutes.  If you require older information please contact the pack chair.

 December 6, 2018 agenda minutes
 January 10, 2019 agenda minutes
 February 12, 2019 agenda minutes
 March 12, 2019 agenda minutes
 April 9, 2019 agenda minutes
 , 2019 agenda minutes
 , 2019 agenda minutes
 , 2019 agenda minutes

Please contact the pack chair ( with questions regarding the committee